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We offer an array of publications, programs, associations and services to students. For example:

Faculty and Administration

Our faculty is comprised of some of the most renowned and unique legal scholars in the country. They bring to the table unrivaled experiences and legal knowledge that in turn train the lawyers of tomorrow to solve complex and important issues in law and policy. In our faculty and administration page, you can find a list of permanent and visiting professors, short biographies into their backgrounds and achievements, and the latest news on their work.

Optimizing Students' Success

Miami's highly acclaimed Academic Achievement Program* (AAP) sets our students up for success. This is not a sink or swim environment. While it is true that students are expected to work hard, be prepared for class, and engage, the culture here is one of collaboration and support. Starting at orientation, we set the tone for professionalism; students' legal careers begin at orientation and will carry with them during law school and throughout their professional life.

Additionally Miami's ground-breaking Mindfulness in Law Program demonstrates our commitment to providing students with the tools to maintain a fulfilling work-life balance, and our unique Student Development Initiative pairs on-staff lawyers with all 1Ls to provide them with sound advice, compassionate care, and professional attention.

And finally, Post-Graduate Student Service Fellows play a key role by serving as the first stop for students with questions, directing them as needed to the proper group or department, and researching, designing, and implementing new programs, systems and services to better the law student experience.

*For more specifics on the assistance the Academic Achievement Program provides, please view the AAP Orientation for Parents, Families, and Partners video.

Skills, Public Interest and Clinical Programs

The Law School offers a wide array of clinical, litigation skills, and public interest opportunities. These programs are designed to give students hands-on experience in school while further providing the local community with necessary legal help and public service work.

Disability Services

In addition to the undergrad's disability services, the Office of Disability Services at the Law School assists students with documented disabilities to make their law school career as successful as possible.

Career Development

The Career Development Office at Miami Law is one of the best staffed offices in the country. Ten attorneys, all of whom have practiced law in different areas, advise our law students about how, when, and where to look for job opportunities. The Office hosts on and off campus interviewing programs, networking opportunities locally and nationally, guest speakers’ programs, mock interviews, individual advising and overall assistance to all law students and alumni, as well as many other services.