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Outlines are to law students what maps are to archaeologists. Recognizing the supply and demand for study guides, Miami Law 3Ls West Kraemer and John Walter recently launched an online marketplace — "" — where students can sell and purchase outlines at will.

Walter began building the site this past summer and launched it at the beginning of the fall semester. Kraemer, his good friend and classmate, liked the idea and joined as an equity holder shortly thereafter. The two wanted to bridge a gap between information and students, and they felt that market research supported their idea.

"We did not believe the best outlines were available to everyone because they are often kept in banks by clubs, law reviews, and other organizations," said Kraemer. " has consolidated those sources so that the best outlines of the bunch are available to everyone, and we think that is much more democratic."

The growing venture has already exceeded the expectations of Kraemer and Walter. With each passing month since its inception, the website has experienced increased traffic and more user uploads and downloads of outlines. While is still in its infancy, the founders are already thinking of future expansion.

"Within the next year we plan on expanding the website to other law schools, until, in three to five years from now we are at every law school in the country," said Walter. Once is established across all law schools nationwide, Kraemer and Walter anticipate using their business model to infiltrate other areas of academic study.

The two entrepreneurs are happy to have launched the pilot program at Miami Law. Kraemer and Walter have learned a great deal about how people interact with their business and new businesses in general from their fellow classmates. They are proud to help others do better on exams thanks to the materials provides.