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Basic Training

The Process of Legal Research (LComm Series) (8/11)
Secondary Sources: Part I (legal encyclopedias and treatises) (LComm Series) (9/11)
Secondary Sources: Part II (Restatements and American Law Reports) (LComm Series) (9/11)
Statutory Research (LComm Series) (9/11)
Case Law Research (LComm Series) (10/11)
How and When to Use Print Sources (LComm Series) (8/11)
Evaluating Websites (LComm Series) (8/11)
Fundamendals of Online Searching (LComm Series) (9/11)
Internet Sites (LComm Series) (9/11)
Federal Research Refresher (LComm Series) (1/11)

Intermediate Training

Secondary sources beyond the basics – practical tools (Forms Handout-.doc) (5/11)
Statutory research – using more than just the text of the statute (5/11)
Administrative law (Powerpoint-.pdf) (5/11)
Legislative History – what could the legislature have been thinking (Powerpoint-.pdf) (5/11)
Internet sites that won't disrupt your research plan (5/11)
10 Tips Toward More Cost Effective Research (Powerpoint-.pdf) (5/11)

For additional information, speak to Robin Schard or a reference librarian.


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Upcoming Training

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Video Instructions or Written Instructions


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