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Global Legal Monitor (Law Library of Congress) worldwide legal news.

UN News Centre news about UN activities throughout the world. For more, try the UN Dispatch or sign-up for daily e-mails from the UN Wire

African Union press releases and information about the activities of the African Union

ASIL Insights brief news releases related to international law.

Opinio Juris (blog on international law and politics)

BNA newsletters, including some on international intellectual property, securities and trade

International Law in Brief (ASIL) recent developments in international law, including UN resolutions, cases, and other happenings.

International Judicial Monitor articles related to international judiciary and justice.


Foreign Law Guide: Current Sources of Codes and Basic Legislation... where to find the law for each country, includes major sources and a listing by subject for each country.

Law Library Catalog

PAIS International (public affairs and policy) (through Richter Library)

Encyclopedia of Pubic International Law (short entries written by experts)

EISIL (Amer. Society of Int'l Law) provides basic texts,explanations and links on various international law topics. There are several related sections, such as General International Law, International Organizations, etc.

Constitutions of the Countries of the World (English translation of constitutions, usually has background information as well)

Hein Online (treaties, journals, and other resources)

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals - Indexes articles from more than 450 legal periodicals from 1985 to the present. The Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals covers international law (public and private), comparative law, and municipal law of countries other than the United States, British Isles, and British Commonwealth.

U.N. Offical Document System full text of General Assembly resolutions back to 1946 and other documents since 1993. Many documents are reprinted in the Yearbook of the United Nations

Oxford Scholarship Online (thru Richter)

Human Rights U.S. government information related to human rights. It includes, in the Reports section, country reports on human rights, as well as other related reports.

World Legal Information Institute listing by country of free legal resources

FDSYS (Federal Digital System) search or browse material published by the federal government

GlobaLex general guide to doing international, comparative, and foreign legal research

BerkeleyLaw Library guide to finding specific categories of foreign and comparative law (e.g. constitutions or legislation)

JuriGlobe-World Legal Systems classification of legal systems with explanation on classifications

Human Rights Council session publications and other related Council work.

Human Rights Center (Univ. of Minnesota) large collection of human rights documents; meta-search engine that searches several human rights databases at one time, material from regional human rights bodies, and more.

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights cases, reports, etc.

International Legal Materials (available in print and Westlaw, Hein Online, and LexisNexis )

Other Library Subscription Databases

Other International and Comparative Webpages


Area of Law by Topic - International Law
Add/Edit Tabs: International Law, International Trade

Includes U.S. treaties, databases with topical treaties (e.g. tax), human rights cases, international decisions, news, and law journals


Search by Topic - International Law

Political Database of the Americas links to relevant information divided by branch of government: Executive, judicial and legislative


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