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Miami's Strategic Location

Miami is the gateway between the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Many American, European and Asian companies have their Latin American regional headquarters here. Moreover, Miami is home to one of the world's largest privately owned and operated free trade zones, has the third largest U.S. airport for international passengers and is the cruise capital of the world. Miami also has the second-largest number of foreign banks in the United States, a large representation of foreign consulates, 25 international trade offices, 40 binational chambers of commerce and many non-governmental organizations with headquarters or offices here.

International Law Courses

The University of Miami School of Law offers extensive courses in each of the major areas of international and foreign law including courses in Spanish. These courses are intended for law students who are trying to improve their knowledge of technical Spanish.


The University of Miami School of Law has one of the largest faculties who teach or do scholarly research in the area of international and foreign law of any American law school. The University of Miami School of Law has been ranked 15th for the overall academic and professional quality of the faculty. Our faculty members take great pride in developing good working relationships with students, and are available to discuss course materials as well as questions related to the study of law in general.

Diverse Student Body

In a typical year, our international graduate law programs include about 40 students from 20 or more different countries around the globe. The University of Miami School of Law has graduated over 1000 alumni who are living and working in more than 90 countries around the world. In fact, the Hispanic Business Magazine has for seven consecutive years selected the University of Miami School of Law as one of the top ten U.S. law schools for Hispanics. The School of Law was cited by the magazine as a place that promotes and encourages a diverse community where Hispanic students can thrive. In 2014 Hispanic Business Magazine ranked the University of Miami School of Law the third best law school in the United States for Hispanic students.

Research Assistantship Opportunities

Some of our LL.M students are selected to server as research assistants to our international Faculty during the academic year.

Visiting Assistant Professorship Program

Some LL.M. students may apply and be selected by the Dean to serve as a Visiting Associate Professor for one year after the completion of the LL.M. program.

Law Library

The University of Miami School of Law is home to one of the largest legal research libraries in the Southeast United States with an impressive international law collection.

Focus on the Individual Student

The International and Foreign LL.M. Programs at UM have always been small and selective programs, which provide a superior experience for both students and faculty. The LL.M. Programs are tailor-made to each student's academic and professional needs. Each of our LL.M. students creates a course of study that matches his or her career goals.

Career Development Office

The Career Development Office (CDO) is staffed with eight professional counselors (all of whom are former practicing attorneys), including one advisor solely dedicated to the needs of our international and foreign LL.M. students. The CDO offers a wide range of career development tools and resources to our foreign attorneys including: 1) individual counseling, and assistance with resumes, cover letters, networking and interviewing techniques; 2) training sessions & career development workshops; 3) mock interviews; 4) fall and spring on campus interview programs; 5) job postings and job fairs throughout the country, including the New York Law International Student Interview Program; 6) videoconferencing capabilities; and 7) a resource library which contains books, binders and student pamphlets dealing with resumes and cover letter preparation, interviewing techniques and networking.

Commitment from the International Graduate Programs Office

The Office of International Graduate Programs is committed to providing one-on-one attention to all of our students. We assist all prospective students with their inquiries and the application process. Once students decide to attend UM, we help them with all facets of relocation to South Florida, from finding housing to transportation. The Office is also committed to assisting students from course selection to job placement.