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The International Law LL.M. with specialization in International Arbitration develops practitioners that are well rounded and ready to enter the field of International Arbitration. Through the program and living in Miami, our students have the opportunity to:


Arbitration Competitions allow students to gain practical experience in a mock arbitration setting. This lifelike exercise requires students to analyze and argue both sides of a hypothetical legal issue using procedures modeled after those employed in state, federal courts and international panels.

Students may participate in the following competitions throughout their LL.M. through our International Moot Court Program.

  • The annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Competition in Vienna, Austria.
  • The Spanish Language International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Madrid, Spain.
  • The International Commercial Arbitration Competition in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • The International Investment Arbitration Moot Court Competition in Frankfurt, Germany.


Students enrolled in the International Arbitration program work on publishable quality papers under the guidance of our top faculty. For instance, the Advanced Arbitration Seminar taught by Professor Jan Paulsson is intended for students who are ready to confront the challenge of writing a paper of genuinely publishable quality. Other writing opportunities include various law journals and reviews. Examples of recent graduates who have published articles in leading journals include Nikolaos Tsolakidis, '13, who recently published an article in the Transnational Dispute Management journal, as well as Patrick Miller, JD '10 and Anna Tumpovskiy, LL.M. '10, who both published articles in The International Law Quarterly, a publication of the Florida Bar International Law Section, which is becoming a leading journal for all areas of international law.


The Arbitration Specialization provides its students with ongoing personal advice and structural support from faculty and staff in planning and advancing their future careers. Gaining practical experience may be the key to taking the first step into the job market. To assist in this process the Arbitration Specialization program has now arranged with several preeminent law firms in Latin America and Europe to provide internship opportunities for our specialists in their arbitration groups.

University of Miami School of Law graduates with a keen interest in international arbitration have had internships at many prestigious firms including Freshfields, Paris, Hanotiau & van den Berg, Brussels, Shearman & Sterling, Paris, Uria Menendez, Lisbon, and Houthoff Buruma, Rotterdam.

In addition, our Career Development Office (CDO) assists students throughout the year with their professional goals. An experienced career advisor is exclusively dedicated to students enrolled in the International Law LL.M.

Get Involved in Local, Professional Arbitration Organizations

Miami International Arbitration Society (MIAS): The Miami International Arbitration Society (MIAS) was founded in order to promote the use of international arbitration and mediation and the selection of Miami as the situs for international arbitration proceedings related to the resolution of transborder commercial and investment disputes. The Society works to maintain and enhance the extensive infrastructure developed to encourage international arbitration in Miami by supporting appropriate legislation, relevant academic programs at area universities, local international arbitration conferences, featuring distinguished practitioners as guest speakers, and providing training and legal updates to its members on the latest developments in international arbitration. The Society also provides a forum where practitioners and others interested in international arbitration can network and exchange ideas and information about this growing practice area.

Meetings are held once every two months and feature leading arbitration practitioners as speakers.

Student membership: $25.00

Future of Arbitration: Miami: FA:M is South Florida's first young professionals organization dedicated to promoting international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. FA:M organizes various programs, receptions and other social events to help bring young professionals together to network and exchange ideas about international arbitration and dispute resolution.

Young ICCA: Young ICCA is a world-wide arbitration knowledge and skills network for young practitioners, established in 2010. It aims to:

  • provide a forum for young students and professionals to exchange ideas about international arbitration;
  • provide young professionals interested in dispute resolution with access to each other and to the international arbitration community;
  • promote the use of arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution by introducing new practitioners from all corners of the globe into the practice of arbitration.

Participation in Young ICCA is open to law students, faculty members and young practitioners. In addition to the information listed on its website, members can connect with each other through its Facebook and our Linked-In pages.

Young ICCA functions under the auspices of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA).

Other Associations of Young Practitioners Worldwide


Maria Rivero, LL.M. 2011

Click to hear Maria, orginally from Spain, share how Miami is a "must-place to be and study" arbitration as well as which classes in arbitration were her favorites.


Patrick Miller"The field of international arbitration is flush with qualified and ambitious young lawyers, and the ability to demonstrate your unique talents and sharpen your skills with some of the world's most influential arbitrators can expand your profile dramatically. An astounding resume is a prerequisite for young practitioners, however the interpersonal relationships which can be cultivated with preeminent faculty is an opportunity unlike many in this field.

The professors at UM are unusually available to ambitious and interested students. Although many different degrees can give you the tools and the accolades to begin your career, the support of such prominent faculty has proven decisive toward obtaining employment for several of my colleagues and myself.

The courses offer a cerebral examination of foundational principles while also providing a rich exposure to practical applications.

Academic research can often feel removed from the field of study, as if you are an outsider examining the inner workings of opaque processes. However, while drafting an article on the Necessity Defense in international law, I was amazed to find that my professors were in fact arbitrators and advocates in the leading cases. They were able to provide fascinating insights while making the issues seem much more accessible."

Patrick Miller, Intern Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Paris

Diogo Pereira"The UM faculty provides mentorship and training from the worlds leading minds in various areas of International Law. Professors like Jan Paulsson and Albert Jan van den Berg gave me the solid grounding required for the fast moving world of arbitration today. All of this in a beautiful environment that constantly teaches you to think globally."

Diogo Pereira, Associate, Allen & Overy, London

Elma Beganovic"The international arbitration curriculum is outstanding because of the breadth of the courses offered, e.g. a class solely dedicated to the New York Convention, to Investment Arbitration, to International Arbitration in Latin America. Also, the Professors who teach are "truly" international in the sense that they are multicultural and have practiced arbitration all over the world. For instance, AJB is Dutch but has a multilingual practice quartered in Belgium and arbitrates disputes all over the world like in the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, the United States, etc. and Professor Rooney with his 10+ years of experience with arbitration in Latin American has extensive knowledge about arbitration law countries like Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, etc. "

Elma Beganovic, Intern, Hanotiau & van den Berg, Brussels