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Miami is the gateway to Latin America. Not only do many American, European and Asian companies have their Latin American regional headquarters here, the culture of the city lends itself to the learning and practicing of Inter-American Law.

The Program

Our Inter-American Law program is designed to prepare students for a career in the Inter-American legal field, and to expose them to the basic aspects of Latin American law and legal culture. This enables them to more effectively service clients from that region as well as advise clients doing business in Latin America. Click here to view a list of the program's requirements and courses.

Courses in Spanish

We offer an array of courses that are taught each semester in Spanish, enabling students a unique opportunity to develop their technical language skills as they master contemporary legal concepts. These courses are generally for American law graduates who are bilingual and will benefit from the practical use of the language in a legal setting.

Program Leadership

Chair of the Inter-American Law LL.M.: Keith S. Rosenn

Director of the LL.M.: Carmen Perez-Llorca

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Thomas Pate, Venezuela

LL.M./J.D. Transfer
LL.M., Harvard Law School, 2006
J.D. equivalent Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Venezuela, 2005

"The highly regarded faculty, the plethora of resources available to students, together with a unique mix of cultural diversity and geographic location, makes the LL.M. Program at University of Miami School of Law a truly enriching experience."

Click on the video above to hear Thomas talk about his LL.M. experience at Miami Law.