Scholarships From Alumni and Friends

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The School of Law is fortunate to have alumni and friends who contribute funds to assist entering and continuing students with their law school tuition. These Donor Scholarships target outstanding applicants or enrolled students pursuant to guidelines set forth by the donors. Some donor scholarships are very specific in their requirements, while others are flexible. For some awards, personal interviews, applications, or need analysis reports may be required.

Donor scholarships vary in the amount awarded. Donor scholarships are for the fall and spring semesters of the J.D. program only. There are also some donor scholarship funds available to LL.M. students, which are awarded separately at the time of admission to an LL.M. program.

Entering first-year students do not have to apply for donor awards as information supplied in their application will suffice for consideration. Recipients will be notified of the amount and terms of renewal, if the scholarship provides for renewal.

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