Harvey T. Reid Scholarships

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Established in 1970 through the generosity of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey T. Reid, the Reid Scholarships are awarded annually to outstanding members of the entering class who possess exemplary academic records, proven leadership qualities and exceptional potential for making substantial contributions to the legal profession and society.

As a result of their successful careers in private practice, government, business and teaching, Reid Scholars have acquired a reputation for excellence and achievement which has served also to enhance the reputation of the Law School.

Mr. Reid was a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Arts, where he received the Canadian Governor General's Medal in recognition of the highest scholastic achievement in his sophomore, junior and senior years. As a Rhodes Scholar, he went on to study law at Trinity College, Oxford.

Mr. Reid served in World War I as a Major in the British Army, 9th Scottish Division, Field Artillery, and was wounded while in combat. He later joined West Publishing Company, where he rapidly rose from the position of Legal Editor to the Editor-in-Chief, President, and then Chairman and Director of the Company.

A native of Nova Scotia, Canada, Mr. Reid first became interested in the Law School through his longstanding friendship with Fred Lewis, former Dean of the University of Miami School of Law.