Financing Your Education

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How will you finance your legal education?

Like most students, you probably need to look beyond your own funds to pay for your legal education. One additional source of funds is scholarship money. The Law School offers significant scholarships to accomplished students based on a number of different qualifications. However, even if you are awarded a scholarship, you will most likely want to apply for a student loan to assist with your educational and living expenses while in law school.

Federal Stafford Loans can be applied towards part of your tuition and fees, but you will need to consider other funding sources for any balance on direct costs and living expenses. It is imperative to begin now to determine how much of your personal resources, assistance from family members, and other outside sources will be available for the next three years. Setting aside these funds will help to reduce your total loan indebtedness.

Federal Perkins Loans funds may be available based on eligibility and availability of funds.

If after considering all your options you still need additional funding you may use the Federal GradPLUS loan or alternative loans to cover your deficit. Nonetheless, if you plan on applying for either of these loans we strongly suggest you request a credit report now and, if necessary, clear up any discrepancies. Otherwise, you may encounter difficulty in attaining additional funding as the approval is contingent on your credit worthiness.

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