Felix Mormann

Associate Professor of Law

J.S.D. (Dr. iur.) 2010, University of Passau School of Law
LL.M. 2008, University of California Berkeley School of Law
J.D. (state exam) 2005, University of Passau School of Law

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Professor Mormann's substantive areas of expertise include environmental law, energy law, and corporate law. His interdisciplinary, often comparative scholarship explores the legal, policy, and financial challenges along the path to an environmentally and economically sustainable energy future. He is Faculty Fellow at Stanford University’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance.

Professor Mormann's recent work has appeared in the Yale Journal on Regulation, Stanford Environmental Law Journal, Ecology Law Quarterly, Florida Law Review, and the New York Times, among others. Sellier European Law Publishers published his doctoral dissertation as a book. Professor Mormann’s work has been widely cited including before the U.S. Senate. He advises federal policymakers on clean energy and energy efficiency.

Prior to joining the Miami Law faculty, Professor Mormann was Lecturer in Law, Energy Policy and Finance Fellow, and Kauffman Legal Fellow at Stanford Law School, as well as a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley School of Law. He is admitted to the practice of law in Germany and New York. His professional experience includes management consulting for international high-tech clients, clerking for the Hanseatic Court of Appeals in Hamburg and the German Embassy in Buenos Aires, and practicing as a corporate and energy attorney.



Constitutional Challenges and Regulatory Opportunities for State Climate Policy Innovation, 41 Harvard Envtl. L. Rev. (2016 forthcoming)      
Empirical assessment and qualitative analysis of state latitude to fill the federal climate policy void without running afoul of the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause and the Dormant Commerce Clause    

A Tale of Three Markets – Comparing the Renewable Energy Experiences of California, Texas, and Germany, 35 Stan. Envtl. L.J. 55 (2016)
Comparative analysis of solar and wind deployment, economic impact, and policy drivers to identify best practices and develop policy recommendations (with D. Reicher, V. Hanna)

Clean Energy Federalism, 67 Fla. L. Rev. 1621 (2015)
Inquiry into institutional questions surrounding implementation of renewable portfolio standards and feed-in tariffs; development of novel model for closer integration of both clean energy policies.

Re-Allocating Risk – The Case for Closer Integration of Price- and Quantity-Based Support Policies for Clean Energy, 27 Electricity Journal 9, 9 (2014)                                                      
Policy proposal toward risk optimization through joint implementation of renewable portfolio standards and feed-in tariffs to promote deployment of emerging clean energy technologies

Beyond Tax Credits: Smarter Tax Policy for a Cleaner, More Democratic Energy Future, 31 Yale J. on Reg.  303 (2014)  
Critique of the inefficiencies of tax credit support for renewable energy and proposal for tax policy reform to simultaneously promote fiscal and environmental sustainability through capital markets

Smarter Finance for Cleaner Energy: Open up Master Limited Partnerships and Real Estate Investment Trusts to Renewable Energy, Brookings – Renewing the Economy (2012)            
Policy proposal to reduce the cost of capital for renewable energy projects (with D. Reicher)

Enhancing the Investor Appeal of Renewable Energy, 42 Envtl. L. 681 (2012)                           
Development of a new framework of criteria to guide the evaluation and design of renewable energy policies beyond remuneration toward more cost-effective support for renewables

Mobilizing Public Markets to Finance Renewable Energy Projects: Insights from Expert Stakeholders, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (June 2012) Technical Report No. NREL/TP-6A20-55021 (with P. Schwabe, M. Mendelsohn, D. Arent)

Requirements for a Renewables Revolution, 38 Ecology L.Q. 903 (2011)                                    
Analysis of the barriers to a timely transition to a low-carbon renewables-based electricity sector with a critical review of emission pricing and recommendations for a U.S. renewable energy policy

Between Partiality and Democratic Glamour – the American Civil Jury,
58 Recht der Internationalen Wirtschaft 515 (2011)
Qualitative and quantitative review of the U.S. civil jury in a comparative context (in German)

Forum-Selection Clauses for Investment Fraud Claims under the E.U.’s Brussels-I Regulation,
56 Die Aktiengesellschaft 10 (2011)       
Framework for forum-selection clauses in corporate charters under E.U. law (in German)

The Trinity of Exclusive Jurisdiction for Investor Claims under Section 32b of the German Code of Civil Procedure, 32 Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht 1182 (2011)                                        
Critique of the recently introduced jurisdictional regime for investment fraud claims (in German)

Brokerage Clauses and Rights of First Refusal, 61 Monatsschrift für Dt. Recht 1113 (2007)
Study of interplay of brokerage clauses and pre-emption rights (with H. Lindemann; in German)


Jurisdictional Protection against Investor Claims in the United States     
(Sellier European Law Publishers 2010, 508 pages)
Doctoral thesis on conflicts of jurisdiction in transatlantic securities litigation (in German)


How to Make Renewable Energy Competitive, New York Times Op-Ed (June 1, 2012)
Discussion of novel financing options to reduce the cost of capital for renewables (with D. Reicher)
Widely cited, including by Senator Chris Coons in a floor speech before the U.S. Senate, see link

Online Media Publications

Green Go! – The Military’s Sustainability Mission
JOTWELL, Journal of Things We Like (Lots) (October 20, 2014), see link

Clean Energy Scores a Success with the Master Limited Partnership Parity Act,
Brookings Advanced Industries Series (December 19, 2013, with M. Muro & D. Reicher), see link

Beyond Emission Pricing – a Renewables Revolution in the True Sense of the Word,
Guest Blog for TheEnergyCollective.com (May 19, 2011), see link

 News / Media

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