Anthony V. Alfieri

Professor of Law & Dean's Distinguished Scholar; Director Center for Ethics & Public Service; Founder Historic Black Church Program and Environmental Justice Clinic

Social Justice/Public Interest Concentration Affiliated Faculty
J.D. 1984, Columbia University School of Law
A.B. 1981, Brown University Center for Law and Liberal Education

Phone: 305-284-2735
Office: G265

Anthony V. Alfieri, Professor of Law and Dean's Distinguished Scholar, is the Founder and Director of the Center for Ethics and Public Service, and the Founder of the Historic Black Church Program and Environmental Justice Clinic, at the University of Miami School of Law. Professor Alfieri earned an A.B. in 1981 from Brown University, graduating magna cum laude with concentration honors in the Center for Law and Liberal Education, and a J.D. from Columbia University School of Law in 1984, graduating with Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar and Jane Marks Murphy Prize honors.

From 1984 to 1987, he served as a staff attorney in the South Bronx trial office of the Civil Division of the New York Legal Aid Society, specializing in federal and state complex public benefits litigation. In 1987, New York Law School appointed him Clinical Associate Professor and Managing Attorney of its Federal Litigation Clinic. In 1990, he served at Marquette University Law School as Assistant Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Studies.

In 1991, Professor Alfieri joined the University of Miami School of Law, where he teaches civil procedure, ethics, public interest law and leadership, social enterprise, and professional liability and lawyer malpractice. He has published more than 80 articles, essays, and editorials on ethics, civil rights, criminal justice, poverty law, professional liability, and the legal profession in leading journals and book anthologies. His work has been cited and downloaded more than 4,000 times in books, law journals, social science networks, and the media.

At the Center for Ethics & Public Service, Professor Alfieri supervises graduate and undergraduate students working on education, research, and policy projects in the fields of civil rights and poverty law, environmental justice, social enterprise development and nonprofit governance, and oral history and documentary filmmaking. Under his direction, the Center for Ethics & Public Service has won the American Bar Association 1998 E. Smythe Gambrell Professionalism Award, the Florida Bar Seventh Annual 1999-2000 Professionalism Award, and the Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics and Public Trust 2001 ARETE Award for nonprofit of the year.

Professor Alfieri is a current member of the American Law Institute, the University of Miami Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa, the St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School Board of Trustees, the St. Paul Community Development Corporation, and the Coconut Grove Ministerial Alliance, Inc. (a consortium of Historic Black Churches); an elected Fellow of the American Bar Foundation; past member of the Florida Bar Standing Committee on Professionalism, the Ethics, Integrity and Accountability Task Force of the Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics and Public Trust, the Attorney-Client Privilege Task Force of The Florida Bar, the Association of American Law Schools' Standing Committee on Curriculum Issues, and the Executive Committees of the Association of American Law Schools' Sections on Clinical Education and  Professional Responsibility; and a past Contributing Op-Ed Columnist for The Miami Herald. In addition, he is a Visiting Scholar at the Dartmouth College Ethics Institute, a Visiting Professor at Brown University in the Department of Africana Studies, and an affiliated faculty at the University of Miami Abess Center for Ecosystem Science & Policy.

Professor Alfieri is the winner of numerous awards, including the 2000 and 2009 Richard Hausler Professor of the Year Award and the Class of 2000 Amicus Curiae Dedication, the Florida Supreme Court 1999 Faculty Professionalism Award, the Association of American Law Schools' Clinical Section Committee on Lawyering in the Public Interest 2004-2005 Gary Bellow Scholar award, the Association of American Law Schools' Clinical Section 2007 William Pincus Award, the Association of American Law Schools' Pro Bono and Public Service Opportunities Section 2007 Father Robert Drinan Award, and the University of Miami School of Law’s 2011-2012 Public Interest Innovative Service Award.

In 2014, Miami New Times recognized Professor Alfieri for his environmental justice work in its annual Miami People issue.



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Chapters in Books

Fidelity to Community: A Defense of Community Lawyeringin Critical Race Theory: The Cutting Edge (Richard Delgado & Jean Stefancic eds., 3d ed. 2012)

(Er)Race-ing an Ethic of Justicein Lawyers’ Ethics and the Pursuit of Social Justice: A Critical Reader 265-73 (Susan D. Carle ed., 2005)

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Welfare Stories, in Law Stories 31-49 (Gary Bellow & Martha Minow, eds. 1996)

Books in Progress

Prosecuting and Defending Racial Violence (prospectus in progress)

 News / Media

Newspaper Editorials / Magazine Articles

Needs of Neighborhood Residents Must Be PriorityMiami Herald, December 18, 2014

West Grove: Old Smokey Remains a HazardMiami Herald, July 20, 2013 (with Lipshultz & Lipshultz)

Find somewhere else to park those trolleysMiami Herald, Feb. 5, 2013 (with Lipshultz & Lipshultz)

Penn State – Lessons for the BoardMiami Herald, July 22, 2012 (with Maderal & Martinez)

Neighborhood Initiatives – How Students Can HelpMiami Herald, July 8, 2008

South Florida Philanthropy: A Charitable Divide?Miami Daily Business Review, Apr. 21, 2008

Racists Remain UndeterredMiami Herald, Feb. 23, 2008

Blow the Whistle on Abusers of Public FundsMiami Herald, Sept. 7, 2006

Teaching the Spirit of Justice, 20 St. David’s Mag. 12-13 (Summer 2006)

Enron Trial: Lessons on Ethics for LawyersMiami Herald, Feb. 10, 2006

Our Silence in the Face of SqualorMiami Herald, Oct. 13, 2005

Time for a Woman in this Job?Miami Herald, June 8, 2005

Knowing When to Call It QuitsMiami Herald, Apr. 28, 2005

A Chance to Right Old WrongsMiami Herald, Feb. 10, 2005

Some Resist Call to Arms, Miami Herald, Dec. 2, 2004

Muzzled Mother Asks a Potent Question, Miami Herald, Oct. 5, 2004

Rooting a New Iraq in Justice, Miami Herald, Aug. 27, 2004

Regier Appointment: An Opportunity to Debate Faith’s Role in Public Policy, Miami Herald, Sept. 15, 2002

Try Talking to Children About World’s Conflicts, Miami Herald, June 9, 2002

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