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Stefanie Kürpick

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Stefanie Kürpick

Stefanie Kürpick
Adjunct Professor
LL.M. 2012, University of Miami School of Law
Erste juristische Staatsprüfung (J.D. equivalent) 2004,
Universit├Ąt Bochum


Stefanie Kürpick is an adjunct professor and her research interests are cybercrime and informational technology (IT) law. She worked as a legal intern with the Public Defender's Office in Miami and has also done research in the area of cybercrime, including child pornography

Prior to studying for an advanced LL.M. law degree in transnational law at Miami Law, Professor Kürpick worked at the firm of Schwankl, Mankartz & Kürpick in Dorsten, Germany where she advised clients in criminal and informational technology (IT) law, defended clients in State and Appellate courts all over Germany and worked as a public defender and with prisoners.

She also drafted contracts, assisted in company incorporations, ensured compliance with franchising rules and regulations and provided legal advice in family law cases. Professor Kürpick also worked at the law firm of Benecken & Partner, at the Jailhouse Essen, at the Office of the District Attorney and at the Civil Court in Bochum, Germany.

She is a member of the German Bar Association.