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Marni Lennon

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Marni Lennon

Marni Lennon, B.A., M.SEd, J.D.
Assistant Dean, Public Interest and Pro Bono
Director, HOPE Public Interest Resource Center
Lecturer in Law

Telephone: 305-284-2599   |   Office: B447

Marni Lennon, Assistant Dean for Public Interest and Pro Bono and Lecturer In Law, holds a B.A. from the University of Southern California and a J.D. and M.S.Ed from the University of Miami. She is the founder and director of the HOPE Public Interest Resource Center, which features over 25 outreach and advocacy projects, and has worked and taught at the University of Miami School of Law for 17 years, serving for nine years as Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Disability Services.

Among other public interest initiatives, she established the HOPE Fellows Program, which provides students with opportunities to work locally, nationally and internationally in public interest organizations. Dean Lennon also co-directs the Miami Scholars Program for students who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to public interest advocacy and who possess outstanding academic credentials, serves as an advisor to the Public Interest Leadership Board, and works closely with student organizations engaged in community outreach and advocacy.

Moreover, Dean Lennon teaches Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR Design Systems, and Mediation courses, and is a Certified Family Mediator. She is currently the Chair for the Pro Bono Section of the AALS. She is also the author, with Melivn Rubin, of Mediation, in 3 Florida Family Law 55-1 (Brenda M. Abrams ed. 2012).