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Professor Mary Anne Franks in "Will California criminalize revenge porn?" in Salon.

Professor Charlton Copeland and Professor Zanita Fenton in "50 years later, Washington march could again influence fight over voting rights - and more - civil rights advocates say" in The Palm Beach Post.

Scott Rogers Director of Mindfulness in Law Program in "UM researcher helping soldiers battle stress"in The Miami Herald.

Professor Mary Anne Franks in "Girl Cyber-Bullied, Hospitalized After Oral Sex Photos Go Viral" in the Huffington Post.

Professor Tamara Rice Lave in "No prison for mother of Cristian Fernandez" in The Florida Times-Union.

Professor David Abraham in "Dual citizenship may pose problem if Ted Cruz seeks presidency" in The Dallas Morning News.

Professor David Abraham in "Born in Canada, Ted Cruz became a citizen of that country, as well as U.S." in The Dallas Morning News.

Professor Mary Anne Franks in "Abogada Mary Anne Franks sobre Quinta Enmienda a la que se acogió el dueño de Ferrari" in W Radio.

Professor Scott Sundby in "Sundby on the Exclusionary Rule and the Rule of Law" in CrimProf Blog.

Professor Ricardo J. Bascuas "11th Circuit Answers Novel Question In Case Handled By UM Law Clinic"in Daily Business Review.

Professor Laurence Rose in "Dontae Morris defense asks judge to toss video of police killings" in Tampa Bay Times

Professor Donald Jones in "Voting rights taking center stage" in The South Florida Times.

Professor Scott Sundby in "Mental Health Advocates To U.S. Supreme Court: Stop 'Prince of God' Inmate's Execution" on WFSU.


07-21-13 and 07-26-13
Professor Donald Jones in "Racial stereotyping, paranoia mockingly on display in trial" and in "What is the Value of a Black Male's Life?" in The South Florida Times.

Lecturer in Law Jan Jacobowitz "Impact of social media, technology on case" in the Florida Courier.

Professor Anthony Alfieri in "Miami's West Grove: 'Old Smokey' incinerator remains health hazard" in The Miami Herald.

Professor Mary Anne Franks in "Experta dice caso Zimmerman debe abrir debate sobre armas e igualdad racial" in the Orlando Sentinel.

07-15-13 and 07-17-13
Professor Scott Sundby in "AG calls Martin killing an 'unnecessary shooting'" in News Telegram, in "Holder: Justice Department will follow 'the facts and the law'" in The Topeka Capital Journal and in "Eric Holder: Trayvon Martin Death Was An 'Unnecessary Shooting'" in the Huffington Post, and in "Holder at Orlando NAACP convention after Trayvon comments" on Bay News 9.

07-15-13 and 07-16-13
Professor Tamara Rice Lave in "The Next Three Trials of George Zimmerman" in The Atlantic Wire, in "Florida's 'stand your ground' law in spotlight after trial" on MSN News, and in "Stand Your Ground Laws Under Scrutiny Post-Zimmerman Verdict" on GPB News, on NPR, and in "Stand Your Ground And The Zimmerman Defense" on Media Matters for America.

07-14-13 and 07-15-13
Professor Donald Jones in "Role Of Race In George Zimmerman Trial" on CBS Miami and in "Did The Stand Your Ground Law Have A Role In The Zimmerman" on WLRN.

07-14-13 and 07-15-13
Lecturer in Law Jan Jacobowitz in "Social media, tech took outsize roles in Trayvon Martin case" in The Palm Beach Post and in "Social media, technology drove Zimmerman trial" in The Miami Herald, and in "Social media shaped Zimmerman trial start to finish in Bradenton Herald.

Professor Tamara Rice Lave in "Civil Case Against Zimmerman In Florida Has Little Chance Of Success"... in BuzzFeed Politics, on "After the Verdict: a WLRN Special Report" on WLRN, in "Feds Weigh Charging Zimmerman in Killing" in The Wall Street Journal, on New England Public Radio, and in "In Zimmerman Case, Self-Defense Was Hard to Topple" in The New York Times.

Professor Michael Froomkin in "Suit: Internet cafe law also bans computers" in The Tampa Tribune.

Professor Mary Anne Franks in "Una absolución de Zimmerman podría abrir un conflicto racial en EEUU" in el Nuevo Herald.

Professor David Abraham in "Sorry, Florida Watchers: The Zany State Did Not Accidentally Outlaw" in Slate Magazine, and in "Former Cuban Prison Chief Hiding In US" in Fox News Latino.

07-11-12 and 07-12-13
Professor Donald Jones "Racism, Not Riots, Is The Trayvon Issue, NAACP Hears" on WGCU-NPR South Florida. in "Blunders may help George Zimmerman walk" in The South Florida Times, in "Racism, Not Riots, Is The Trayvon Issue, NAACP Hears" on WGCU-NPR South Florida, and in "Local Pastors Meeting With MDPD Ahead Of Zimmerman Verdict" in CBS 4 Miami.

Professor Rebecca Sharpless in "Immigration Article of the Day: Teague New Rules Must Apply in Initial-Review Collateral Proceedings: The Teachings of Padilla, Chaidez and Martinez" in ImmigrationProf Blog.

Professor Donald Jones in "NAACP holds town hall forum on George Zimmerman trial" in The Miami Herald.

Professor Tamara Rice Lave in "Civil-rights leaders call on Justice Department to act" in The Miami Herald.

07-05-13 and 07-07-13
Professor Mary Anne Franks in "Prosecution Rests Its Case in Zimmerman Murder Trial" in The Wall Street Journal and in "Social media infiltrates Zimmerman trial" on WDAY News 6.

Professor Donald Jones in "Fisher v. UT a victory for affirmative action" in The South Florida Times.

Professor Mary Anne Franks in "Testimony hurting Zimmerman prosecution" in USA Today.

Professor Anthony Alfieri in "Homestead Mayor Steve Bateman under probe over secret deal " in The Miami Herald.

Professor Stephen K. Urice in "No Quick Answers in Fights Over Art Museums' Property Claims Are Not Simply About Evidence" in The New York Times.

07-01-13 and 06-28-13
Professor Caroline Mala Corbin on"Focus on South Florida" regarding the Supreme Court ruling on Prop 8 and Defense Against Marriage Act (DOMA) on CBS 4 News, and on "Issues" discussing the U.S. Supreme Court cases involving same-sex marriage, affirmative action and the Voting Rights Act on PB."


Professor JoNel Newman comments in "Supreme Court ruling frees Florida from federal voting bias oversight for now" in The Palm Beach Post.

Professor Andrew Dawson comments in "Experts say Tampa charity's contracts might not withstand legal scrutiny" in the Tampa Bay Times

Professor Osamundia James comments in "High court insists on tough scrutiny when school uses affirmative action in admissions" in The Palm Beach Post.

Professor Mary Anne Franks weighs in in article "Zimmerman Murder Trial Begins" in The Wall Street Journal.

Professor Tamara Rice Lave helps define legal terms for the layperson in ABC 10 News "Reporter's Notebook: Guide of relevant legal terms" on ABC 10 News.

Professor Scott Sundby is interviewed about jury selection and the George Zimmerman trial in the story "Reporter's Notebook: Can a potential juror caught lying face perjury?" on ABC 10 News

Professor A. Michael Froomkin's prescient article "The Death of Privacy" is quoted in the article "For Their Eyes Only" in Computerworld India

Professor Jessica Carvalho Morris is interviewed for "More protests expected as Brazilians decry corruption" on NBC Nightly News.

Professor Frances Hill comments in "Tea Partiers Don't Have a Good Legal Case Against the IRS" in Mother Jones.

06-10-13 and 06-11-13
Professor Mary Anne Franks has continuing commentary on Trayvon Martin case on "Looking out for 'stealth jurors'" and "How social media impacts jury selection" and "George Zimmerman trial begins Monday" on ABC 10 News.

Professors Donna Coker and Zanita E. Fenton opine in "International child abductions: There's more to the story" in The Miami Herald.

May 2013

Professor Ricardo J. Bascuas comments on the Fourth Amendment in the Information Age on CrimProf Blog.

Professor Stephen Urice is quoted in "Stolen-artifacts case has cost much, yielded little, critics say" in the Los Angeles Times.

Professor Frances Hill weighs in in "Organizing for Action, Obama's Group, Has Yet to Apply to IRS" in U.S. News & World Report.

Professor Stephen Urice comments in "Cambodia Presses U.S. Museums to Relinquish Antiquities" in The New York Times.

Professor Felix Mormann on " A Rare Bipartisan Clean Energy Bill Is Ready for Passage" at Kitsap Sun and at InsideClimate News.

Professor Patricia Brown says "The offshore voluntary disclosure programs are, as I understand it, about avoiding criminal tax liability," in the article "Is Offshore Tax Evasion Costing Me, You & Uncle Sam Billions?" at Card Hub.

Professor Michele DeStefano is mentioned in "Schools that are nailing law practice technology" at the ABA Journal.

May-June 2013
Professor Mary Anne Franks was profiled in Ocean Drive Magazine.

The publication of Professor Andres Sawicki's article "Copyright in Teams" was mentioned on Media Law Prof Blog.

May-June 2013
Professor Mary Anne Franks was profiled in Ocean Drive Magazine.

Professor Mary Anne Franks was interviewed in a segment on Revenge Porn on the TODAY Show.

Professor Caroline Mala Corbin's article "Compelled Disclosures and the First Amendment" is mentioned on Media Law Prof Blog.

Professor Mary Anne Franks is quoted in "A Victim Speaks: Standing Up to a Revenge Porn Tormentor" in the's Betabeat.

April 2013

Professor JoNel Newman was interviewed for a segment on our Health Rights Clinic on WSVN Channel 7 News.

Professor Tamara Lave was interviewed for the segment "Debate Over Miranda Rights in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Case" on NBC6 South Florida.

Professor Charlton Copeland participated in a panel discussion on "Constitutional Warfare" on WPBT's Viewpoint.

Professor Andrew B. Dawson weighed in in the article "Miami Beach tennis center is still named after Abel Holtz" in the The Miami Herald.

Professor Markus Wagner participated in a panel discussion on the Boston Marathon Bombing on WPBT's Issues Program.

Professor Jan Jacobowitz's is quoted in "Complaints Beginning to Emerge as Courts Switch to E-Filing Systems" in the Daily Business Review.

Professor Caroline Mala Corbin is quoted in "Florida House passes bill against foreign laws" in Naples News.

Professor Mary Anne Franks was interviewed for "Florida may pass legislation making revenge porn illegal" on Southern California Public Radio; she was also quoted in "Legislators intend to outlaw 'revenge porn'" in The Tampa Tribune.

Spring 2013

Professor Jan Jacobowitz's article "The Benefits of Mindfulness for Litigators" was published in the ABA's Spring 2013 Litigation Journal.

January 2013

Professor Felix Mormann, discussing as the cost of wind and solar technology has fallen, financing costs have stayed high in Midwest Energy News. Read Story

Professor David Abraham quoted in Palm Beach Post about if Obama wants immigration reform quickly; promises counter proposal if Congress stalls. Read story

Professor Stephen Urice comments in NY Times story about how major American museums are relinquishing extraordinary antiquities because a foreign government claims they were looted. Read story

Professor Toni Alfieri comments on the construction of a trolley facility in the West Grove in The Miami Herald. Read story

Professor Kunal Parker and David Abraham discuss a recent report on immigration released by study by the Migration Policy Institute in The Palm Beach Post. Read story

Craig J. Trocino, Innocence Clinic Associate Director is interviewed on Voice of Russia American Edition about a Virginia convicted killer who was to be put to death, but would have preferred it sooner. Listen to broadcast

Professor Patricia Brown weighs in on the current state of offshore tax havens on NPR. Read story

Professor Bernard Oxman comments on the possible upcoming ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) in The National Interest. Read story

December 2012

Professor Frances Hill says I.R.S. Cracks Down on Some Nonprofits in NY Times article.

November 2012

11-23-12: Professor Charlton Copeland was quoted in the Palm Beach Post about the Supreme Court's reconsideration of Section 5 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Read article

11-15-12: Professor Jan Jacobowitz was cited in the South Florida SunSentinel about Broward County's first inspector general receiving good reviews from the Inspector General Oversight board, which Jacobowitz currently serves as a member. Read article

11-10-12: Professor Frances R. Hill was quoted in The News-Messenger as an expert in spending by outside groups during elections on a story about how donors from the Republican and Democratic parties spent more than $50 million on Ohio's U.S. Senate race. Read story

11-10-12: Adjunct professor Kira Willig was quoted in The Miami Herald on a rising movement to amend laws governing alimony in Florida. Read story

11-08-12: Professor Sergio Campos was a guest blogger on the SCOTUSblog, discussing Comcast Corp v. Behrend and the Justices' reaction to both party's arguments on the facts of the case. Read blog post

11-01-12: Professor Sergio Campos was a guest blogger on the SCOTUSblog, discussing Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Dukes and how that case was one of the Court's most significant class action decisions in decades. Read blog post

October 2012

10-19-12: Professor Frances R. Hill was quoted in Roll Call on a story about a conservative nonprofit dispatching volunteers to canvass battleground states during the 2012 elections. Read article

10-18-12: Professor Mary Anne Franks was quoted in The New Yorker on a story about British teenager Amanda Todd and cyberbullying. Read article

10-18-12: Professor Frances R. Hill was quoted in web magazine +972 on the legality of a non-profit offering to serve as a ballot broker to Americans living in Israel. Read article

10-17-12: Professor Scott Rogers was featured in an Akron Legal News article about the University of Akron School of Law's efforts to develop mindfulness-based stress reduction. Read article

10-16-12: Professor David Abraham was quoted in the L.A. Times, The Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times on a story discussing Cuba's lifting of exit visa requirements for its citizens.