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Professor Anthony Alfieri Lectures at Brown University

Anthony Alfieri

Professor Anthony Alfieri, Dean’s Distinguished Scholar and Founder and Director of the Center for Ethics and Public Service, recently lectured on “Objecting to Race” at Brown University. He teaches civil procedure, ethics, professional liability, public interest law and leadership, social entrepreneurship, and lawyer malpractice. Professor Alfieri has published more than 70 articles, essays, and editorials on ethics, criminal justice, poverty law, and the legal profession in leading journals and book anthologies.

Professor Franks Testifies in D.C. and Publishes Op-Eds on Sexual Privacy; Gives Talk at the University of Alabama School of Law

Mary Anne Franks

Professor Mary Anne Franks recently testified at a hearing of the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety for the Council of Washington, D.C. regarding two proposed bills criminalizing so-called "revenge porn." She also published op-eds in the Brookings Institution's Tech Tank Blog, the New York Daily News, and in The Daily Dot on “The Internet’s privacy hypocrisy” and "Why nonconsensual porn should be a sex crime” on the subject of sexual privacy and the recent celebrity photo hack. Professor Franks presented a paper titled "Where the Law Lies: Constitutional Fictions and Their Discontents," at the Law and Lies Symposium at the University of Alabama School of Law. The paper will appear as a chapter in a volume published by the Cambridge University Press.

Professor Robert Rosen Speaks at Peking University in China

Robert Rosen

Professor Robert Eli Rosen spoke to over 100 students and faculty at the Peking University School of Transnational Law in Shenzhen, China on "How to Advance as an Inside Counsel." Professor Rosen teaches courses in professional responsibility, business associations, sociology of law, and contracts.

Lecturer in Law Jan Jacobowitz Presents on Social Media and the Practice of Law

Jan Jacobowitz

Lecturer in Law Jan L. Jacobowitz was a panelist on the West Palm Beach Bar Association’s Side Bar Series program on social media discovery. Her presentation was based upon her recent law review article, “The Social Media Frontier: Exploring a New Mandate for Competence in the Practice of Law.” Jacobowitz is the Director of the Professional Responsibility & Ethics Program (PREP), a 2012 recipient of the ABA’s E. Smythe Gambrell Award---the leading national award for a professionalism program. She has presented more than one hundred PREP Ethics CLE Seminars and has written and been a featured speaker or panelist on topics such as Legal Ethics in Social Media, Attorney Advertising, Mindful Ethics and Cultural Awareness in the Practice of Law. She teaches Mindful Ethics: Professional Responsibility for Lawyers in the Digital Age, Government Ethics, and Social Medial and the Law.

Visiting Research Scholar Madeleine Plasencia Publishes Article in the University of Miami Law Review

Visiting Research Scholar Madeleine Plasencia published an article titled “No Right to Lie, Cheat, or Steal: Public Good v. Private Order” in the University of Miami Law Review. Her research interests include dealing with the intersections of tort and contract law and tort and securities law, focusing on the common law concept of deceit as it informs the evolution of legal principles across these different substantive fields. Professor Plasencia's published works include Privacy and the Constitution as well as numerous law review articles.

Professor Markus Wagner Provides Expert Testimony on Drones

Markus Wagner

Professor Markus Wagner was invited to provide expert testimony in the Council of Europe’s Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights on the compatibility of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) with international humanitarian law and international human rights law. Among the three experts touching on these and other matters was also Ben Emmerson, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights while countering terrorism. Professor Wagner’s recent scholarship has focused on the development of autonomous weaponry and its compatibility with international humanitarian law and various aspects of international economic law.

Professor Michele DeStefano Participates in Future of Law Summit & Health Care Compliance Conference

Michele DeStefano

Professor Michele DeStefano recently presented at the Future of Law Summit in London sponsored by the Global Legal Post and The International New York Times. She spoke on a panel about innovation, profit and growth in a buyer’s market. She will be also be speaking in Germany about compliance and current challenges from the perspective of the U.S. Market at a health-care compliance conference organized by Leipzig Academy. The conference will focus on health care professionals and compliance officers in pharmaceutical industry and hospitals. Professor DeStefano is the founder and co-creator of LawWithoutWalls and teaches civil procedure, professional responsibility, and a course on law, technology, and innovation, and a virtual class called Compliance E-lliance. Her scholarship focuses on the growing intersections between law and business and legal entrepreneurship.

Professor Felix Mormann Speaks at Department of Treasury and Presents Work at Energy Policy Research Conference

Felix Mormann

Professor Felix Mormann spoke at a public hearing before officials of the Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service on proposed regulations for real estate investment trusts (REITs). Following up on earlier written comments, Professor Mormann argued for a more nuanced approach to distinguish between personal property and REIT-eligible real property. His proposed framework would provide greater guidance to taxpayers and, critically, allow cost-effective REIT financing to drive much needed renovations and upgrades to America’s aging energy and transit infrastructure. Professor Mormann also presented a work-in-progress to policymakers, regulators, utility executives, and fellow academics at the annual Energy Policy Research Conference in San Francisco. Exploring the interplay of market and regulatory risks, his forthcoming paper makes the case for better risk mitigation through closer integration of price- and quantity-based support policies for clean energy. His scholarship explores the financial, regulatory and policy challenges along the path to an environmentally and economically sustainable energy future. Professor Mormann teaches in the areas of contracts, environmental law, energy law, and climate change. He is a Faculty Fellow at Stanford University’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance.

Professor of Legal Writing Christina Frohock Participates in Guantánamo Public Memory Project

Christina Frohock

Christina Frohock, Professor of Legal Writing for Miami Law’s Legal Communications and Research Skills Program, recently participated in a panel discussion about Guantánamo Bay, sponsored by the University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences, The Miami Herald, and the University of Miami Libraries. The Guantánamo Public Memory Project is a traveling exhibit that seeks to build public awareness of the long history of the U.S. naval station at Guantánamo Bay, Cuban, and foster dialogue on the future of this place and the policies it shapes. Professor Frohock teaches Legal Communication and Research Skills and an upper-level seminar on Legal Issues in Guantánamo. Her scholarship focuses on Guantánamo.


Professor Caroline Bradley Participates in Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime

Caroline Bradley

Professor Caroline Bradley recently participated in the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime in England. She spoke about outsider trading in the session “The misuse and abuse of information.” She has written widely on matters of British and European financial law. At the University of Miami, she teaches courses in European Community law, United States securities regulation, international finance and business associations.

Professor Markus Wagner Participates in Latin American Society of International Law Conference

Markus Wagner

Professor Markus Wagner participated as a commentator at the Third Biennial Conference of the Latin American Society of international Law, held at the Universidad Externado de Colombia in Bogota, Colombia. His panel, titled “Human Rights: The Individual and International Jurisdiction” brought together experts from throughout Latin America to discuss recent developments in the inter-American system of human rights law as well as human rights related aspects of anti-terrorism measures. Professor Wagner teaches and writes in the areas of international law, constitutional law and comparative law. His recent scholarship has focused on the development of autonomous weaponry and its compatibility with international humanitarian law and various aspects of international economic law.