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David Abraham

David Abraham
Professor of Law
J.D. 1989, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Ph.D. 1977, University of Chicago

Telephone: 305-284-5535   |   Office: G285
Publications   |   SSRN

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Professor David Abraham in "Dual citizenship may pose problem if Ted Cruz seeks presidency" in The Dallas Morning News.

Professor David Abraham in "Born in Canada, Ted Cruz became a citizen of that country, as well as U.S." in The Dallas Morning News.

Professor David Abraham in "Sorry, Florida Watchers: The Zany State Did Not Accidentally Outlaw" in Slate Magazine, and in "Former Cuban Prison Chief Hiding In US" in Fox News Latino.

07-11-12 and 07-12-13
Professor Donald Jones "Racism, Not Riots, Is The Trayvon Issue, NAACP Hears" on WGCU-NPR South Florida. in "Blunders may help George Zimmerman walk" in The South Florida Times, in "Racism, Not Riots, Is The Trayvon Issue, NAACP Hears" on WGCU-NPR South Florida, and in "Local Pastors Meeting With MDPD Ahead Of Zimmerman Verdict" in CBS 4 Miami.

Professor David Abraham is quoted in "White House petition reaches 100,000 signatures for home-schooling family Obama administration wants deported to Germany, where teaching children at home is illegal" in The Mail on Sunday.

4-09-13 and 4-08-13
Professor David Abraham is interviewed in "Cuba to Turn Over Couple Who Fled With Children," an AP video and he also discusses the matter in "Family Suspected of Kidnapping Children May Be in Cuba" in The Ledger.

Professor David Abraham on the Obama Administration seeking to deport a German, Christian family who fled to the US to homeschool their children in The Washington Free Beacon.

Professor David Abraham appeared on the Sunday morning CBS news show discussing immigration law and a recent report with Rep. Joe Garcia, JD '91.

Professor David Abraham is interviewed on NPR for "The Path is the Problem" in which he comments Sen. Marco Rubio's path to citizenship for illegals, tough as it is, may still be too much for the Tea Party to accept.

Professor David Abraham quoted in Palm Beach Post about if Obama wants immigration reform quickly; promises counter proposal if Congress stalls. Read story

Professor Kunal Parker and David Abraham discuss a recent report on immigration released by study by the Migration Policy Institute in The Palm Beach Post. Read story

Professor David Abraham was quoted in the L.A. Times, The Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times on a story discussing Cuba's lifting of exit visa requirements for its citizens.

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