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Helping Veterans/Medical-Legal Partnership

Clinic students partner with Miller School of Medicine students to more effectively address the complex health needs of vulnerable populations such as veterans to mitigate health disparities. Working with medical and legal faculty, residents and attending physicians, the partnership helps patients at the VA secure disability, food, housing or other benefits, or tackle complex legal-medical issues that neither discipline could resolve alone. Through the partnership a doctor, medical resident, social worker, attorney, and law students review a veteran’s medical records in order to advocate for the veteran client’s legal case. This partnership understands you cannot clear up medical issues without solving the legal ones.

See how this innovative partnership was recently featured on Channel 7.

Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers

Our Clinic has been recognized by ETL - an organization dedicated to putting knowledge into practice and encouraging and facilitating innovation and reform in legal education. Our Clinic is listed as an "Innovative Course" on their site for its exemplary innovative teaching.

ETL features the Health Rights Clinic in the videos "Health and Elder Law Medical Legal Parnership", in "A Law School Class in a Hospital", and Assistant Director Melissa Swain is interviews in "IAALS: National Impact".

Our clinic is also featured on page 13 of IAALS's 2013 Annual Report.

National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership (NCMLP)

NCMLP is a project of the George Washington University School of Public Health and Public Health Services' Department of Health Policy. They have recognized our clinic's medical-legal partnership as a health care delivery model that improves the health and well-being of low-income and other vulnerable populations by addressing unmet legal needs and removing legal barriers that impede health. See our profile page on their site.

Access to Justice Clinical Course Project (A2J Clinic Project)

Our clinic is one of 6 law school clinics chosen to participate in and create a course kit as part of this project. The mission of an A2J Clinic is: 1) to introduce law students to the technical skills required by a 21st Century law office, and 2) to produce technical resources that statewide legal aid organizations can use to deliver new automated content to legal aid websites across the country and lower the barriers to justice for low-income people. Read more about this project.

Temporary Protected Status(TPS)/Alternative Spring Break

The clinic has worked on behalf of Haitian nationals seeking temporary protected status. These efforts have included outreach to train community leaders and advocates on the process of applying for temporary protected status and have provided valuable assistance to a vulnerable community in need of humanitarian relief. In addition to assisting Haitians with the TPS process, the Clinic established a historic TPS Project alternative spring break program. The Clinic hosted visiting students from law schools across the U.S. to help with TPS cases. The Clinic also developed a comprehensive TPS training and processing model that may be universally deployed at any legal service institution or law school clinic. For the work with the Haitian Temporary Protected Status (TPS) process, the clinic received the prestigious Clinical Legal Education Association's Award for Excellence in a Public Interest Case or Project in 2010.