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Welcome to the Career Development Office's Public Interest Page. At University of Miami School of Law we have a myriad of opportunities in public interest that we not only want you to be aware of, but also hope that you will take advantage of. We constantly update and perfect our web page and our resource library, and we look forward to you becoming frequent visitors to both. Please help yourself to the many resources that can help you with your public interest endeavors.

In addition to general support and guidance for all law students, the CDO is dedicated to assisting students who desire to practice law in the public interest or who plan to make public service a part of their professional careers. Click here for a listing on Public Interest online resources to assist in your job search. The CDO helps students, beginning in the fall of their first year, identify public interest opportunities and assists students in finding funding sources for their work. Click here to access the Public Interest and Pro Bono Guide.

Public interest employers participate in the Fall and Spring On Campus Interview (OCI) programs to interview students for summer jobs and for permanent positions. In addition, the CDO sponsors many public sector focused panels and programs throughout the academic year. Job postings, both locally and nationally, are available online as well as in our office. Further, our membership in PSJD (formerly PSLawNet) provides direct access to thousands of public interest organizations and positions across the nation. Finally, the CDO has an extensive office library and access to various on-line sources including both general websites and membership organizations that will help students with their job searches.

Not everyone comes to law school with the intention of practicing law in the public sector. For those who are just exploring this website, please remember that experience in the public sector is a benefit for both you and the community at large. As a law student you will receive quality experience and also personal fulfillment by working in a public sector internship. You can volunteer for a few hours a semester or full time for a summer, the choice is yours. Students are able to find work in almost any area of the law throughout the public sector. For example, if your career goal is to divorce the rich and famous, try starting at Legal Aid – learn the principles of divorce law, meet the judges, and help people in need. If you want to own apartment buildings, investigate landlord tenant work with a Legal Services organization to see what the issues are. How about being a big time criminal lawyer – start your career with the Public Defender's Office or the State Attorney. There really is something for everyone in the public sector!

It is our intention that students leave University of Miami School of Law with a strong public interest ethic. Whether you choose to practice public interest as a career or work in the private sector, hopefully your experiences at Miami Law will leave you with a passion for pro bono work, no matter what you do as a practicing attorney. We believe it is our job to help make that happen, and we want to do whatever we can to make it your reality.