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Steps to Follow When Applying for a Clerkship for Students

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Once you have decided to apply for a judicial clerkship and have identified judges for whom you might be competitive, you should apply to them. Before applying to a clerkship, please contact Karen Warren, Director of Judicial Clerkships to let her know of your intent to seek a clerkship so that she may assist you in the application process.

For federal judicial clerkships, there is both a paper and online method to applying. Before you begin applying for federal judicial clerkships, you must determine whether a judge is accepting paper or online applications. For a list of judges accepting online applications, please visit the OSCAR (Online System for Clerkship Application and Review) system.

The application process for law students typically begins during the spring of their second year of law school. The 2013 Federal Law Clerk Hiring Plan provides that federal judges may begin accepting applications from rising third year law students on June 28, 2013. Please note, however, that judges are not required to follow the Federal Law Clerk Hiring Plan, and not all judges do. In conducting your federal judicial clerkship research, we recommend that prior to applying, you check OSCAR and, if necessary, contact individual judges' chambers to learn his or her preference regarding the timing and manner of submitting applications.

Some state court judges also begin accepting applications from law students as early as spring of their second year of law school. Therefore, during the spring of your second year you should find out when the judges to whom you are considering sending applications hire their clerks. For more information on applying for state court clerkships, please see the Vermont Guide to State Judicial Clerkship Procedures available online and in the Career Development Office Resource Room. For online login information, please contact Karen Warren.