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In these unique economic times, contributions from alumni are more important than ever. While you may find it difficult to give a monetary donation at this time, you can still continue to support the University of Miami School of Law through planned giving.

Planned giving can help you balance your charitable interests with your personal financial goals while also helping you realize significant tax and other benefits for you, your heirs, and your estate. Through planned giving, you can make a gift you might have otherwise thought impossible.

Why select a gift annuity?

With a gift annuity, you transfer cash or securities to Miami Law and in return you receive:

  • Fixed, guaranteed, partially tax-free income for life from the University of Miami, a reliable source
  • A charitable tax deduction
  • Potential capital gain tax savings if appreciated securities are used
  • Reduced estate taxes
  • The satisfaction that comes from giving important support to Miami Law

Here’s what the benefits from a $50,000 gift annuity look like:

Age Rate* Charitable Deduction* Gift Annuity Payment Tax-Free Portion
60 4.4%           $13,744.00           $2,200.00       $1,504.80
65 4.7%           $16,815.00           $2,350.00       $1,668.50
70 5.1%           $20,008.50           $2,550.00       $1,887.00
75 5.8%           $22,514.00           $2,900.00       $2,215.60
80 6.8%           $24,825.50           $3,400.00       $2,679.20
85 7.8%           $28,108.00           $3,900.00       $3,217.50


*Based on annual payments and a 2.2 percent charitable midterm federal rate.
Deductions vary based on income earned.
Charitable gift annuities may not be available in all states.

To learn how easy it is to leave a legacy, please contact: Cynthia Beamish, Executive Director, University of Miami Planned Giving Office, or 305-284-4342.

Heritage Society

We gratefully acknowledge those Alumni and Friends who have included the School of Law in their Estate Planning:

Georgina and Francisco R. Angones, JD '76
Emerson L. Allsworth, JD '52
Sarah Nesbitt Artecona, Esq.
Hilarie Bass, JD ‘81
Eugene G. Beckham, JD '82
Raymond F. Benkoczy, JD '89
Joan A. Berk, JD '69
Honorable Miette K. Burnstein, JD ‘61
Renee and Francis Citera, JD ‘83
Robert B. Cole*
Nicholas A. Crane, JD '53
The Honorable A. Jay Cristol, JD '59
Reba Engler Daner*
Thomas B. DeWolf, JD '53
Marcia and Aaron Foosaner, JD ‘52
Donn C. Fullenweider
Charles K. George, JD '54
Barton S. Goldberg, JD '57
Edward I. Golden, JD '77
Gary Gomoll, JD ‘81
Cynthia Beamish, Esq. and Michael F. Guilford, JD ‘85
Marie B. Harms*
Lydia and Burton Harrison, JD '52
Rolf Hastings, JD '50
Ralph Hauser, JD ‘51*
Honorable Murray Z. Klein, JD '52 *
Eleanora and Burton Landy, JD '52
Diana and George N. Leader, JD '51
Sondra R. Linden, JD ‘62
John Franklin Lisk, JD '77
Ray E. Marchman, Jr., JD '61
M. Minnette Massey, JD '51

H. Jack Miller, JD '51
Milton Miller, JD '55
Patrick H. Neale, JD '78
David Noble, JD '01
Valerie Odell, Esq.
Kathleen O’Donnell, JD ‘77
Claude Olds*
Kyle Paige, JD ‘89
Honorable Peter Palermo, JD ‘50
Sheldon Bruce Palley, JD '57
Linda and Patrick A. Podsaid, JD '63
Lawrence B. Rodgers, JD '67
Charles L. Ruffner, JD '64
Irving Rutkin, DDS*
Bertley Sager, JD '49*
Barbara and Herbert E. Saks, JD '56
Richard M. Sepler, JD '56
Marilyn and Ronald Shapo, JD ‘66
Lawrence M. Shoot, JD '68
H. Allan Shore, JD '71
Sheryl and Bernard Siegel, JD ‘75
Laurie S. Silvers, JD '77 and Mitchell Rubinstein
H.T. Smith, JD ‘ 73
Matthew Joseph Soltysiak, JD '54 *
Bernard Dane Stein, JD '71
Edward J. Waldron, Sr., JD ‘69
Adele T. Weaver, JD '60 *
Marvin I. Wiener, JD '57
Edward A. Willinger, JD ‘53*
Richard A. Wolfe, JD '92
Robert E. Ziegler, JD '53

Visit UM's central giving website to learn more about estate giving.


Charitable gift annuities provide a secure life-income arrangement.

Planned giving: Did you know?

A charitable gift annuity enables you to transfer cash or marketable securities to the School of Law in exchange for a current income tax deduction and the University of Miami's promise to make fixed annual payments to you, based on your age and other factors, for life. Annuity payments can start immediately or be deferred. The payments are backed by the assets of the University and are thus a dependable and safe investment you can rely on -- reassuring in this uncertain economy.

Click here for more information about the benefits to you and the School of Law through a University of Miami gift annuity.