J.D./M.M. in Music Business and Entertainment Industries


The University of Miami School of Law and UM's Frost School of Music - ranked one of the top music business schools by Billboard Magazine - offer the first ever joint degree program in law and music business. Upon completion of this program, a student earns the Juris Doctor degree from the School of Law and a Master of Music in Music Business and Entertainment Industries degree from the School of Music.

In this specialization, students not only learn the essentials of law, but also the common practices of the music business – essential skills for becoming a successful attorney in the music industry. Through this joint program, students can complete both degrees in less time (3 to 4 years) while studying at a top law school and one of the best music schools in the country. And, as one of the four major music cities in the U.S. and as the music center for the Latin American Divisions of all major music companies, Miami offers exceptional internship and work opportunities.

Joint Degree specifics

All the requirements of the J.D. and M.M. programs must be fulfilled; however, nine law credits will apply to the M.M. degree, and six M.M. credits will count toward the J.D. degree saving a total of 15 credits between the two programs.


  • Applicants must inform the Law School that they want to apply to the joint program. The easiest way to accomplish this is to check the joint degree J.D./M.M. box on your online application.
  • Students must be accepted to the J.D. Program before they are eligible for acceptance into the J.D./M.M. Program. Students must be accepted to the J.D. Program and have indicated their interest in the J.D./M.M. Program by February 1st in order to be considered for acceptance into the J.D./M.M. Program. If you are admitted to the J.D. program, you will then be asked to complete a brief application on the Frost School of Music website. The School of Music does not have rolling admissions. Students will be considered soon after the Feb. 1st deadline, and will hear directly from the School of Music regarding their admissions.
  • Applicants who are accepted into the J.D. Program at a date after February 1st, and are interested in the J.D./M.M. Program, are welcome to apply to the program once they are a 1L or a 2L at the University of Miami School of Law. However, space is limited and there is no guarantee that there will be available spots. Each fall application information and deadlines will be provided to existing law students who are interested in applying to the J.D./M.M. Program.
  • Only the LSAT exam is required.
  • Students who apply to the joint program are giving permission for the MM program admissions staff and faculty to review their complete J.D. application.
  • Students already enrolled in the M.M. program are not eligible to apply to the joint program.


  • Students will complete the first-year law school curriculum in its entirety before taking any M.M. courses.
  • All other J.D. requirements must be met. Six credits will be satisfied by two M.M. courses: Analysis of Music Industry (3 credits) and Music Copyright Law (3 credits). These courses must be completed before the J.D. degree will be conferred.
  • Twenty-one credits of M.M. courses are required and come from the following subjects:
    • Analysis of Music Industry Agreements
    • International Music Publishing
    • Royalties in the Music Industry
    • Recorded Music Operations
    • Music Copyright Law
    • Entertainment Industry Practices
    • International Music Licensing
    • Music Industry Internship
    • Music Industry Forum
  • Nine School of Law credits will be applied to the M.M. degree in the areas of intellectual property, business, and tax law topics. The M.M. degree will not be conferred until these nine credits are completed.
  • Student are encouraged to fashion a balanced upper-class law school curriculum which prepares them to provide legal services to clients in the business and entertainment industries including specific offering regarding arts and entertainment law, as well as more general offerings in domestic and international aspects of fields such as antitrust, business associations, commercial law, intellectual property, tax and torts.
  • The M.M. curriculum is prescribed and is offered only fall and spring semesters. Most courses are offered only in the fall or spring of a given academic year.
  • The M.M. degree includes an M.M. internship. If the internship has a "legal focus" supervision will be provided by both the M.M. program and the School of Law.
  • If a student in the joint program wants to take music elective course (e.g., Musicology, Psychology of Music, Audio for Producers, etc.) arrangements will be made to accommodate the request.
  • Four curriculum options are provided. Each student must select one option:
    1. Three-Year Program with 2 Summer Sessions in the School of Law
    2. Three and a ½ -Year Program with 1 Summer Session in the School of Law
    3. Three and a ½ -Year Program with no Summer Sessions
    4. Four-Year Program with no Summer Sessions

Hear From a Student: Why a JD/MM Degree?

Dana Vouglitois - who took a job at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in NYC after graduation - decided upon this dual course of study not only since she is a lifelong musician, but also due to her interest in the live entertainment industry, tour management and event production.

Lauren Spahn, JD '13 discusses her summer internship Warner Music Latina (Miami, FL) and ADG Live

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For more information

J.D. Program:

Sandy Abraham
Executive Liaison, Interdisciplinary Programs and Initiatives
University of Miami School of Law
Tel: 305-284-4030
E-mail: sabraham@law.miami.edu

M.M. Program:

Serona Elton
Chair, Associate Professor & Program Director
Music Business & Entertainment Industries
University of Miami, Frost School of Music
P.O. Box 248165
Coral Gables, FL 33124
Tel: 305-284-9856
E-mail: selton@miami.edu


Joint JD/Master’s or Doctoral Degree
For degrees with other schools at the University of Miami, please contact Sandra Abraham, Executive Liaison for Interdisciplinary Programs and Initiatives.
Phone: 305-284-4030

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