Hospitals, Health Care Services and Access: Interdisicplinary Course

The healthcare services landscape is shifting. Hospitals, which were the foundation of American healthcare, are having to reconfigure their organizations and services.  Satellite offices, acute care locations, and even pharmacies are offering more services to increasingly stratified patient consumers. This interdisciplinary course offers graduate students across the University the opportunity to examine closely the complexity of today's health care services and the necessarily multiple perspectives from which we view, think, and work in healthcare settings. 

Participating Schools/Departments

Organized, coordinated and sponsored by Miami Law, the course will be taught by University of Miami professors from the following Schools/Departments:

School of Education and Human Development
College of Arts and Sciences:  Anthropology Department and Sociology Department
School of Architecture
School of Business Administration
School of Law
Miller School of Medicine
Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
School of Nursing and Health Studies


Over the course of the semester, students are required to attend five full day Saturday classes:  The first class on February 6th; three (of five possible) additional Saturday classes; and a final class on April 9th.

Topics and Professors To Include:

February 13:  Health Care for Whom?

Professor Fran Hill (Law): Affordable Care Act and Its Implications for Access to Healthcare
Professor JoNel Newman (Law):  Medical-Legal Partnerships – Access and Outcomes

Feb. 20:  Challenges for the Traditional Hospital:  Access for All

Professor Doris Ugarizza  (Nursing):  The Role of Nursing in 21st Century Health Care
Dr. Olveen Carrasquillo (Medicine):  The Role of Primary Physicians and Access to Care

Feb. 27:  The Environment of Health Care: Economic, Social and Built

Professor Joanna Lombard (Architecture):  The Hospital Building as an Institution
Professor Steven Ullmann (Business): Health Care in a High-Tech World:  Economic and Social Implications

March 19:   Patients:  How Do They Obtain Care

Either Dr. Julie Kornfeld or a replacement  (Epidemiology and Public Health):  Engaging Communities to Ensure Equitable Access
Professor Laura Kohn-Wood (Educational Psychology):  Mental Health Service Utilization

March 26:  Hospitals and Services in Global and Local Settings

Professor Louis Marcelin (Anthropology):  Hospital Ethnography
Professor Crystal Adams (Sociology):  Community Organizations and Access to Care


For more information on this course, please contact: Sandy Abraham, Executive Liaison for Interdisciplinary Programs and Initiatives,