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Unless otherwise noted, all training will take place in Room D236.

Classes will be added throughout the semester, so check this list often.

For additional information on the training sessions, please contact Nicole Downing.

February 25
Library: Trial Preparation Research (Room F309)

March 3
Library: Transactional Drafting Tools (Room E265)

March 5
Bloomberg Law: Dockets

March 5
Bloomberg Law: Transactional Resources

March 5
Bloomberg Law: Career & Business Development Tools

March 6
Bloomberg Law: Dockets

March 6
Bloomberg Law: Transactional Resources

March 6
Bloomberg Law: Career & Business Development Tools

March 17
Library: Dockets & Court Websites (Room F209)

March 26
Library: Legal Tech Audit-An Introduction (Room F108)

April 2
Library: Cost Effective Legal Research (Room F108)

Sessions to Go

Pre-recorded research lectures to watch and enjoy as needed

Basics of Searching the Library Catalog (4/13)
Administrative Law Research (5/11)
Case Law Research (5/10)
Comparative Law Research (1/10)
Cost Effective Legal Research (5/10)
Federal Research Refresher (1/11)
Fundamentals of Online Searching (10/10)
International Law Research (9/13)
Internet Legal Research (5/11)
Legislative History (5/11)
Keycite/Shepards Training Part 1   |   Part 2 (10/10)
Researching Statutes (5/10)
Research Strategy (10/10)
Secondary Resources (5/11)
Ultimate Research Refresher Material & Recordings (5/11)

LComm Series

The Importance of Legal Research (06:52)(8/13)
The Process of Legal Research (06:32)(8/13)
How and When to Use Print Sources (08:56)(8/13)
Evaluating Websites (10:18)(9/13)
Fundamendals of Online Searching (16:54)(9/13)
Secondary Sources: Part I (legal encyclopedias and treatises) (15:00)(9/13)
Secondary Sources: Part II (Restatements and American Law Reports) (10:47)(8/14)
Statutory Research (13:51)(9/14)
Internet Sites (16:22)(9/14)
Case Law Research (14:53)(8/14)

Materials from Previous Training Sessions

Environmental Justice
Public Interest Fellows (pdf)
Administrative Law
Tax Planning Skills (pdf)
Arbitration Research
International Moot Court
Inter-American Law Review Training
Business Law Review Training
National Security & Armed Conflict (Handout)
Race & Social Justice Law Review
Cost Effective Research (pdf)
Comparative Law Training
International Law Training
Legal Corps CLE Session
Human Rights Clinic
International Economic Law Training
University of Miami Law Review (Slides)
Using Tax Resources (pdf)
International & Comparative Law Review Training
Externship Training Program
African Probate & Policy Initiative
Legal Research: Externship Program
Legal Research: Exploring New Tools
Researching Potential Employers
Types of Resources and Costs
Wednesday Workshop: Finding Government Information
Law, Culture, and Society
Secondary Sources
Statutory Research
Case Law Research
Federal Legislative History
Basics of Legal Research


"Perhaps the two most valuable and satisfactory products of American civilization are the librarian on the one hand and the cocktail in the other."

- Louis Stanley Jast, Librarian

Upcoming Training

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