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Access - The University of Miami School of Law Library is open for use by alumni, all University of Miami students, faculty and staff, and others doing legal research, although some restrictions are observed during exam periods.

Baron, the online library catalog, can be accessed from terminals located at the Reference desk, Circulation desk, as well as in the elevator lobbies on the 2nd-4th floors. (Other computers in the Library are only available to UM Law Students.) Baron is also available in a Web-based version.

Reference staff can provide assistance in locating and using all of the resources in the Library and can recommend ways to begin new research projects. They are not permitted, however, to give legal advice.

Circulation staff can help you with locating material in the Library and with directional questions. Circulation staff also provide assistance in using Library equipment, such as microfiche readers. Non-UM community members cannot checkout library material.

Reserve Items, kept at the Circulation desk, may be loaned for a period of two hours. Items may be renewed for an additional two hours if they have not been requested by another patron. Reserve materials do not circulate outside the Library.

Lost and Found is located at the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor.

Photocopying in the Library - The IT Department is responsible for maintaining the UPrint machines. IT Help Desk hours differ from Library Hours. The IT Help Desk is located in Room C-118. UPrint devices (copiers and scanners) are located in photocopy rooms at the entrance to floors 1-3 on the South side and in the Florida Collection. There is also a copier that accepts coins on the first floor of the library.

UPrint Cards are available at the circulation desk. Guests must add funds to the UPrint card using a credit card. There is a computer to add these funds on the first floor of the law library. Additional Information.

Change - A change machine is located in the stairwell on the first floor (for $1 and $5 bills only). The Copy Center (Room B-207) may also be able to provide change.

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"Perhaps the two most valuable and satisfactory products of American civilization are the librarian on the one hand and the cocktail in the other."

- Louis Stanley Jast, Librarian

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Reference: 305-284-3585
Circulation: 305-284-3563