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All academic scholarships for incoming students are awarded by the Office of Admissions. Scholarships are highly competitive and granted to admitted students on a rolling basis. The majority of scholarships are awarded between December and February of each admission cycle or until the scholarship funds are exhausted. Applicants wishing to be seriously considered should complete their admission files no later than the first week of January. Notification of an institutional scholarship award usually takes place three to four weeks after admission.

Scholarships are awarded to students with strong academic records and community leadership potential and include:

While the majority of our scholarships are merit-based, some awards take other factors into account as well. For example, our Miami Scholars Public Interest Program targets applicants nationwide who not only have strong academic records but also a demonstrated interest in public service. The only scholarship program for entering students requiring an application is the Miami Scholars Public Interest Program.

All inquiries regarding availability of scholarships for incoming students should be directed to the Office of Admissions.