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Professors Donna Coker and Mary Anne Franks Discuss Stand Your Ground Law on MSNBC

Professor Donna Coker and Professor Mary Anne Franks were quoted in an article on about Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law and the Marissa Alexander case. Read the article here. Professor Coker’s scholarship focuses on criminal law, gender and inequality. She is a nationally recognized expert in domestic violence law and policy. She is a leading critic of the disproportionate focus on criminal justice responses that characterizes U.S. domestic violence policy. Her widely cited research illustrates the negative impact of this focus on battered women marginalized as a function of poverty, race, or immigration status. Professor Franks teaches family law, criminal law, and criminal procedure. She also serves as the Vice-President of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about cyber harassment and advocates for legal and social reform.

Jan Jacobowitz Presents Paper on Legal Malpractice and Ethics

Jan Jacobowitz

Lecturer in Law Jan L. Jacobowitz presented a paper at the St. Mary's Law School's Thirteenth Annual Symposium on Legal Malpractice & Ethics. The paper, “Mindful Ethics: A Pedagogical and Practical Approach to Teaching Legal Ethics, Developing Professional Identity, and Encouraging Civility” was co-authored with Scott Rogers and will be published in the St. Mary's Journal on Legal Malpractice and Ethics. She is the Director of the Professional Responsibility & Ethics Program (PREP), a 2012 recipient of the ABA’s E. Smythe Gambrell Award---the leading national award for a professionalism program.

Professor Markus Wagner Organizes Annual Conference for the Junior International Law Scholars Association

Markus Wagner

Professor Markus Wagner organized the annual conference of the Junior International Law Scholars Association (JILSA) together with his co-chair from Rutgers. Providing a network for untenured academics the field of international law, JILSA’s annual meeting is designed to discuss and critique the participants’ papers prior to publication. This year’s meeting took place at the University of California at Berkeley. Following the meeting, Professor Wagner stepped down as co-chair after serving for the designated two years. Next year’s meeting will be held at the University of Miami School of Law. Professor Wagner teaches and writes in the areas of international law, constitutional law and comparative law. His recent scholarship has focused on the development of autonomous weaponry and its compatibility with international humanitarian law and various aspects of international economic law.

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