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Job Search Timelines


The CDO provides both written materials and online resources useful when conducting a job search.

CDO Resources: The CDO Resource Library includes books, directories, brochures and other written material available to students and graduates.

Useful Online Resources: Contains links to a variety of online sites including employer directories, job posting sites, practice-specific organizations, legal recruiter directories and more. Some of the many sites listed in our resources that can help you conduct research:

Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer and Law Firm Directory: An online directory of law firms and lawyers around the country. Search for law firms and lawyers by location, area of practice, firm size and law school (lawyer search only).

NALP Directory of Legal Employers: The annual directory includes information on more than 1,600 employers nationwide.

Law Periscope: Allows you to search the profiles of the largest 300 law firms in the country to easily find contact information, attorney profiles, practice areas, branch offices and other online information.

Legal Information Institute (LII): Contains articles on different practice areas with up-to-date links to recent court decisions, state and federal statutory law, blogs, and other internet and off-net resources. Offers a wide range of free legal resources including a directory of attorneys, practice definitions and contact information for all courts, governments, bar associations and other organizations.

Employers who recruit Miami Law students for summer positions

Employers who recruit Miami Law students for post-graduate positions

Networking and Informational Interviewing

Networking with attorneys and conducting informational interviews are more ways to conduct research into the practice of law.

To get started on developing your network and for tips on how to conduct informational interviews, please read the Networking Guide and the Importance of Networking Handout.

Also see our International LL.M. Student Networking Guide.


Job applications may require a number of different documents beyond your résumé. The following resources will help you prepare your materials.

Résumé Guide

Résumé Guide for International LL.M. Students

Cover Letter and Thank You Letter Guide

Cover Letter and Thank You Letter Guide for International LL.M. Students

Guide to Other Application Material: References, Writing Samples, Transcripts and Business Cards


Interviewing Guide: This guide contains advice on how to prepare for and succeed in your interviews.

Callback Guide: This guide describes what a candidate can expect during a callback interview.

International LL.M. Student Interview Guide

Negotiations and Offers

Evaluating and Negotiating Job Offers: Tips on the negotiation process including salary negotiations. See also the "Negotiating with Small Firms" handout prepared by NALP available in the CDO Resource Library. Salary information as reported by NALP is available at the CDO and can be provided via fax if you are unable to stop by the CDO.

Sample Letters Accepting and Rejecting Offers


Announcing Expanded Miami Law Externship Program


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